Intex Excursion

The Excursion is one of the largest and most selling inflatable boat from Intex. Also in the comparison to inflatables of other brands, the Excursion is characterized by its great offer of space and its excellent price-quality relation. The Exursion is available in two models, which basically differ in size, weight and maximal loading capacity. In this article you will find out the use and features of the Intex Excursion.

Use and performance

The Intex Excursion is a great boat to take your family or friends out on the lake or river and explore the area. The Intex Excursion is not made for rough ocean waters, but calm seas close to the beach are fine. It’s too soft for wild and rough water due it’s low air pressure which makes you feel each wave going underneath you and makes rowing hard. At the same time, it’s not highly maneuverable under rougher water conditions. Also, who is thinking of buying an inflatable for long distances is better off with an inflatable kayak or canoe. On calm water the Excursion is very stable because of its size. It’s possible to leave and get back into the boat on the water for swimming. There is no problem in rowing the Excursion on your own as well. But in this case, you are better advised to take a smaller inflatable boat (e.g. the Intex Seahawk 2) since the Excursion with its around 20kg is not a lightweight. Thanks to its favorable dimensions and high load capacity, the Excursion provides plenty of space for gear and other necessities, such as cool bag, daypack, some bath towels etc. The boat is equipped with two pairs of oar locks, so you are able to row in the back or in the front without changing the seat. Compared to the larger models of the Intex Seahawk line, the Excursion is harder to row due to its size but offers more space at the same time. It’s wide enough that two people can sit next to each other and both can use the row as a single blade paddle. This is what you can’t definitely do with the Seahawk.


The Exursion has a triple air chamber design including an inner auxiliary chamber in the hull for added safety. Even if one of the chambers deflates, the other two will remain inflated and help you get back to shore safely. The boat comes with a plastic strip which you lean on a specific spot of the boat, so you know if it’s fully inflated.  The air chambers have boston valves which are two-way screw valves. These valves support safe and quick inflation and deflation. For easy handling the Excursion has a grab handle and all-around grab line if someone were to fall overboard. Another good idea are the oar holders which are welded on each side of the boat, to have more space in your boat when they are not needed. The Excursion is not only designed as a fun boat. It features motor mount fittings to equip the boat with an electrical trolling motor. Motor mount kit and motor must be bought in addition. The built-in fishing rod holder make the Excursion to a great fishing boat for thowse who wants to get out and spend the day fishing on the water.

The Intex Excursion 4 and  5 in comparison

The Excursion offers the highest comfort among the Intex inflatables. It’s not only because of the spacious capacity but the two inflatable seat cushions with backrest as well which makes your experience very comfortable. In addition, the Excursion 5 features another seat cushion in the middle of the boat. A big advantage over the Intex Seahawk or Challenger are the backrests and that the seats can be fixed in the boat. The Excursion 5 fits up to 5 adults but it’s more comfortable with 4 adults or 3 adults with 2 kids if you need some room for extra gear and other necessities. The Excursion carries 4 persons only. Anyone who is looking for a large inflatable should consider the Excursion 5 for sure. It’s more spacious and has a higher loading capacity than the Excursion 4. Apart from that, the Excursion is the lower priced alternative.


The Excursion comes in a set which includes:

  • 2 x aluminum oars
  • High-output pump
  • Repair kit
  • Transport bag

Conclusion to the Intex Exursion

The Excursion is a highly affordable boat with a lot of space and possible uses. Everyone who intend to enjoy the summer with friends or family on a lake, the Excursion is definitively a great inflatable. Or just imagine floating down a calm river with a couple of friends. Fishing enthusiasts will also like the Excursion with its large size, high loading capacity and rod holders. When you get tired of rowing, you can even upgrade this boat with a motor and make easily longer distances. The Excursion comes with all the necessary accessories to start immediately.

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