Intex Seahawk

The Intex Seahawk is a great entry-level inflatable boat for fishing, relaxing and rowing on the water. The Seahwak line is available in sizes for 1-, 2- 3- and 4-person. This article explains you the differences between the models of the seahwak, its features and who is suited for.

The Seahawk consists of 3 separated chambers for extra safety in emergency situations, including an auxiliary chamber inside the hull, an outer main chamber and another in the floor of the boat. Even if one air chamber deflates, you will still be able to reach the shore safely.  The boat has two boston valves. The boston valve is a two-way screw valve which supports quick and safe inflating and deflating.

Every Seahwak is equipped with an all-around grab line if someone were to fall overboard and a grab handle on the bow for easy handling. The seahawk also features two built-in fishing rod holders and a gear pouch which makes it to a great fishing boat as well.  The Seahawk includes oar locks making rowing very easy. The boat comes in a set including 2 aluminum oars and a high-output pump for fast inflation.

Intex Seahawk 1 – for one person

The Seahawk 1 measures 193 x 108 x 38 cm and has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg. It’s the smallest and most affordable boat of the Seahawk line. With a product weight of 4,9 kg, the Seahawk 1 is very light and easy to carry. This boat even fits two kids. Due to its light weight it’s easy to handle for kids, too. The Intex Challenger may be also an interesting option for those who are looking for an inflatable boat for kids.

Intex Seahawk 2 – for two person

Compared to the Seahawk 1, the Seahawk 2 offers more space and motor mount fittings for the flexibility of adding a motor. Motor mounting and motor are also offered as accessory by Intex. The boat with a size of 236 x 114 x 41 cm and a maximum weight capacity of 200kg is for ideal for two adults. Considering these dimensions there is hardly space for gear and other necessities when two people are in the boat. Anyone who is planning on spending some more time on the water should take a closer look at the Seahawk 3 which provides more comfort for two adults. The Seahawk is also perfect for one person who can completely stretch its legs while enjoying the sun and reading a book.  Another feature are the welded oar holders to place the oars when they are not needed. This gives you more space for relaxing on the water.

Intex Seahawk 3 – for three persons

In addition to the Seahawk 2, the Seahawk 3 features two inflatable seat cushions for comfort which perfectly fit into the boat and provide a better seating position, especially for who is rowing. The boat is equipped with two in pairs of oar locks, so you are able to row in the back or in the front without changing the seat. Measuring 295 x 137 x 43 cm and allowing a maximum load capacity of 300kg, the Seahawk 3 is perfect for 3 persons or 2 persons with gear.

Intex Seahawk 4 – for four persons

The Seahawk 4 provides the same features as the Seahawk 3. With 351 x 145 x 41 cm this inflatable boat is the biggest model of the Seahawk line and is capable of carrying 4 people with a maximum load capacity of 400kg. At the same time, it’s the most expensive inflatable and not a lightweight at 17 kg among the Intex Seahawks. If you are interested in an even larger inflatable boat, you should definitively check out the Intex Excursion 5.

Conclusion to the Intex Seahawk

The Seahawk is a great inflatable for boating and fishing on lakes or calm rivers. Thanks to the different models you can choose the right boat for your needs. Except the Seahawk 1, all the inflatable can be equipped with a motor. But you should consider that the Intex Seahawk is not an inflatable boat for long trips on big lakes or wild rivers. The boat is not designed for this. Keeping this fact in mind, you can have a lot of fun and a great time with your family or friends on water during summer.

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