Sevylor Riviera

The Sevylor Riviera is an affordable 2 person inflatable kayak, which is designed for beginner and occasional paddlers. In the following we will tell you all about the performance, features and the possible uses of this kayak.

Performance and Use

The boat skin consists of PVC, which is typical material for inflatable from this price range. In the higher product segment manufacturers are using tissue materials, which guarantee a better resistance, stability and consequently a higher durability. For material reasons the Sevylor entry level kayaks have an (operating) pressure of 0,06 bar. The pressure has an impact on the rigidity of the boat and finally on the travel speed as well. The higher the pressure, the faster we are with an inflatable. In comparison to a solid kayak or a professional inflatable, the Sevylor Riviera is a way slower. However, this is absolutely fine, if you are paddling just for pleasure.

Its construction consists of two inflatable side chambers and a floor chamber. For safety reasons, this kind of construction is required that in case of a defect you can still reach the shore. The air chambers are inflated with Boston valves. A boston valve is basically a one-way valve with two caps. The valve lets easily air in but won’t let any air escape. For deflating the boat you just to open the valve.

On the stern and bow you will find a carry handle for transportation. This is not only useful when letting your boat into water or getting it out but also when you are transporting it on short distances.

The Sevylor Riviera can be used as 1 person and 2 person kayak. However, it’s not a kayak for long distance tours. The seats are not comfortable enough for staying too long in the boat and there is not space for the stretching your legs when you are using it for 2 persons. In addition to that there are not too many luggage load possibilities. It’s also limited by the maximal load of 180kg that it can hold. Such as many entry-level kayaks the Riviera is not made for whitewater kayaking either.  Due to the low operating pressure and its dimensions the kayak is not recommended for tours on large lakes and on the open sea.

It’s a perfect kayak for paddling on smaller lakes, calm rivers and on the coast near the beach when there are no waves. For everybody who only wants to do short tours and who rather prefer relaxing on the boat, this model from Sevylor is a good choice.


It’s very practical that the boat comes with integrated pressure gauges on the every side to indicate whether you have to add or reduce air. Once the bar is within the green area, you know that your boat has the optimal pressure.

Most Sevylor kayaks come with a carrying bag but for the latest models Sevylor has invented a quite nice transportation system. Since inflatable are not very light it’s not really comfortable to carry it by hand for longer distances but rather in a backpack. You can roll the boat into the spray deck and convert it with two stripes into a backpack.

The kayak comes with two removable and adjustable seats, which need to be inflated. They are placed as seat cushions in the boat. Since the seats are not attached to the boat, you can easily move them around and even take them off to lay in the boat. But on the other hand, due to the missing attachment to the boat seats can unintended move from their original position.


Regarding accessories we have to admit that Sevylor boats come only with the minimum. That’s why it’s worth distinguishing in the following between equipment that already is in the package when you buy the boat and equipment, which is not included but senseful to buy.

Included in the package:

  • 1 x Double blade paddle
  • Repair set

In the package, there is no air pump, which is absolutely necessary.

Additional useful accessories

Some retailer have packages where they include already an air pump and sometimes even a proper backpack for the boat.

However, if you want to use this kayak for 2 persons you need to purchase another paddle.

There is also the possibility to mount a fin on the rear of the boat in order to improve directional stability. However, a fin is not included in the package and has to purchased separately if desired.

Useful but not necessary is a steering rudder to better and easier navigate the boat. Sevylor has also designed a suitable steering rudder for its models.


As Sevylor is mentioning itself on the site: The Riviera is an inflatable for the first kayak adventures. For short and relaxing trips on the water you will have a lot of fun with this kayak. Ambitious paddlers and for all others, who are on the way to become are better off investing more in a kayak with better stability and seats.

More information on the manufacturer site: Sevylor

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