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Under the slogan “Discover your Paddle Passion” we would like to inspire especially nature and outdoor lovers for paddling. There are so many sites out there that review boats and equipment without ever having used the products. We are passionate paddlers and get out on the water regularly. Over the last 5 years we have paddled more than 50 different portable boats and know what really matters when it comes to inflatables, folding boats or packrafts. Learn more about us and Paddleventure here.

Why to work with Paddleventure?

Paddleventure is an emerging site in the paddling sector with a constantly growing readership. Through our site and channels you reach a very specific target audience. With the numerous detailed reviews on boats, many paddling beginners reach our site who are about to make a purchase decision. In addition, hardcore paddling fans who are intensively involved with equipment and travel find their way to us.

In recent years, we have been able to establish numerous cooperations and implement joint projects with manufacturers and dealers. It is particularly important to us to generate added value for our readers.

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