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The Gumotex Seawave is one of the fastest inflatable boats from the manufacturer and a real allrounder. It can be used as a 1, 2 or even 3 person kayak and can be paddled both open and with the cockpit closed. Therefore the Seawave enjoys great popularity among ambitious kayakers. We have often taken a closer look at this inflatable kayak and paddled it at an outdoor fair. We would like to summarize our impressions in this review and draw a comparison to similar inflatable kayaks.

Technical Specification of the Gumotex/Innova Seawave

Nr. of persons:
Pack size:

455 cm
80 cm
17,5 kg
68 x 43 x 30 cm

Max. load:

250 kg
0,25 bar

Set-up and first impressions

Like all boats from Gumotex, the Seawave makes a high-quality impression and impresses with good material processing. You can tell immediately that the boat was designed for durability. The inflated air chambers have a high stiffness and the material looks very robust. The boat skin is made of a rubber-coated fabric material and thus differs significantly from inexpensive entry-level models of other inflatable boat manufacturers, who often only use a PVC boat skin. Since we tested the Gumotex Seawave at an outdoor fair, we can unfortunately not report much about the assembly.

The Seawave has one bottom and two separate side chambers, which are inflated via push-push valves using a stand pump. We know these valves from the Gumotex Swing 2 and they are very easy to handle. With a reasonable double action pump you should be able to inflate the Seawave quickly.

gumotex seawave handles
Carrying handles for easy transport.

The Seawave can be easily transported by two people. It is relatively light for such a large kayak. The carrying handles at the bow and stern do a great job. The boat can also be carried by one person.

gumotex seawave drain hole
Drain hole at the stern of the Gumotex Seawave.

The Gumotex Seawave is equipped with a lockable drain hole at the stern. If water has entered the boat while paddling, you can easily drain it with the drain hole instead of taking it out with a sponge. This definitely makes it easier to clean the boat.

Interior of the Gumotex Seawave.

Seats and footrests are also inflatable elements. Depending on the number of paddlers, the seats and footrests are fixed at different places in the boat. The corresponding markings help to do this. We have tried out the different configurations (1, 2 and 3 person kayak) and found the assembly to be very easy. For solo paddlers, the advantage is clearly that the seat can be fixed in the middle, which gives an optimal weight distribution.

The Gumotex Seawave as 1-person kayak.
gumotex seawave 2 person kajak
The Gumotex Seawave as 1-person kayak.

For one or two paddlers, the Seawave offers plenty of legroom and plenty of storage space for luggage. In the 3-person configuration, it becomes tighter in terms of legroom. Stretching your legs is then no longer possible for all paddlers. For short paddling trips the space is still sufficient, but for a long day paddling trip the space seems to be too small. Therefore the 3-person configuration is especially suitable for families with children.

Gumotex Sewave cockpit
Velcro fastener for attaching an optional cockpit

In its basic configuration the Gumotex Seawave is an open kayak. The boat has slots for metal reinforcements and a Velcro edge to attach an optional cockpit. This transforms the Seawave from a recreational kayak into a fully equipped sea kayak. Cockpits are available as 1 or 2 seat versions. There is no cockpit for the 3-person configuration. We have tested the Seawave without cockpit.

Furthermore, the Seawave can be equipped with a rudder. We had paddled it without it and had not missed this when paddling. We have to say that we had optimal paddling conditions (no wind). In harsher conditions a rudder can help to keep the boat on track without having to constantly correct it.

Review of the Gumotex Seawave on the water

innova seawave review
Gumotex Seawave on the water.

Gumotex promises a very good directional stability and speed. However, this very good directional stability can only be achieved by using the skeg. In terms of speed Gumotex also keeps its promise. The Seawave runs fast over the water. Compared to the Gumotex Swing 2 it is noticeably faster and you can therefore cover much longer distances in the same time. This is mainly due to the long and slim construction of the boat and the higher operating pressure. The Seawave is therefore the right choice for all those who want to paddle long trips.

Legroom in Gumotex Seawave

When paddling, the seats provide good support and are comfortable. The straps on the backrests allow the seat position to be individually adjusted even while paddling. Due to the narrow construction we found the interior to be a bit narrow but still completely sufficient. Although the boat is cut rather narrowly, we never had the feeling that it is very easy to capsize, but rather quite stable.

gumotex seawave

Strengths and weaknesses of the Gumotex Sewave

The Gumotex Seawave has its greatest strength in its configurability and upgradeability. It can be paddled as 1 to 3 person kayaks and can be upgraded with optional features. As a 3-person kayak it offers relatively little space and is recommended for 3 adults only for small tours. But you have to note that the Seawave has a much higher purchase price compared to the other Gumotex inflatable kayaks (e.g. Gumotex Swing 2 or Solar).

The Gumotex Seawave can be pumped up to 0.25 bar, which is very good for an inflatable kayak.

+ Configurability (as 1 to 3-person kayak) + Upgradeability (cockpit, rudder) + Speed + Easy to transport + Robust boat skin + As 1 or 2-person version, plenty of space for luggage + Practical drain hole at the stern + Spare parts available + 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

– Less space than 3-person kayak – High purchase price for boat and accessories compared to other Gumotex boats – No reinforcement at bow and stern

Final notes on the Gumotex Seawave

The Gumotex Seawave is a high quality inflatable kayak that is aimed at demanding kayak enthusiasts who want maximum flexibility with their boat. The boat can easily be converted into a 1-person, 2-person or 3-person kayak without much effort. This is also clearly a great advantage over fixed hull kayaks, where this is not possible. Whether cockpit, spray skirt, rudder or spare parts, the owner has numerous possibilities to upgrade his boat with additional equipment and to make it ready for further applications even after the purchase. For example, the Seawave is suitable for white water level 2 and thus allows paddling white water rivers, e.g. in the pre-alpine region. Due to the long construction we recommend wide and not too much blocked whitewater rivers. Although it is an inflatable kayak, it must be noted that Gumotex uses very robust and tear-resistant materials and thus possible damage is considerably prevented. Thanks to the slim and long boat shape and the good operating pressure the Seawave is not only very fast but also has really good running characteristics. Fortunately, the narrow cut does not compromise the stability of the boat.

Alternatives to Gumotex Seawave

Finally, we would like to present two alternatives to the Gumotex Seawave. We have paddled both inflatable kayaks ourselves countless times.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite

If the the weight and drying time of an inflatable kayak is not most important to you, we recommend the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite. We find the gliding characteristics of the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite even better and it would be our first choice for long tours on large lakes and rivers. Furthermore, the kayak is modular. The drop-stitch flooris additionally protected by the outer boat skin. In case of a defect, the Drop-Stitch chamber can be easily replaced.

advanced elements inflatable kayak review

Gumotex Swing 2

If you are looking for a cheaper inflatable kayak with an integrated cockpit and want to paddle mainly rivers or small lakes, you should take a closer look at the Gumotex Swing 2. The Swing 2 already has an integrated cockpit and is, compared to the Seawave with cockpit, considerably lighter and almost half the price. It has a wider hull, so it is more agile but also a little slower. The material is identical to that of the Seawave.

gumotex boats

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  1. Dear reader,

    Would you have any thoughts on the differences/fors/againts for the seawave versus the rush 2. From the perspective of using on flat water with 2 persons. For dat trips.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Erik,

    both are great 2 persons kayaks. The Seawave can also be used for 3 persons if this might be an use case for you. And you can equip it with a rudder what doesn’t exist for the Rush 2. However, we experienced that the Rush 2 is a bit faster and sure thanks to the drop-stitch floor it feels especially for beginners more stable on the water.

    Best regards

  3. I appreciate the information provided in this review. I am a woman who will usually be taking the boat out on my own with my husband occasionally with me so I need a boat that I can both carry easily myself and that will convert to a tandem, so although I have kayaked in hardshells before, I am leaning towards the purchase of a Seawave inflatable. Gumotex boats are readily available in Greece. However, I have one nagging concern, You see I live on the Aegean where the wind can suddenly pick up and produce a lot of chop and wave. I would be using my kayak mostly for 3-4 hour trips exclusively in these windy and often wavy conditions. I swim year round and would plan to kayak in winter so the options of attaching a deck and possibly the rudder are attractive. How do you think the Seawave would track in these conditions? Thank you for any thoughts on this. I would also consider a different Gumboat and have looked at the Rush 2 and Thaya and Solar. Which boat do you think would be best suited to my circumstances.

    1. Hello Helena,

      this is in general an issue for all inflatable kayak when it’s getting too windy on the water because they swim rather on the water and than in the water and consequently provide more attack surface for the wind. However, the Seawave would already be a good choice for your requirements. The Rush 2 could also be an option for you but here there is no rudder available. The Thaya and Solar are open kayaks and you need rather a kayak with a deck. You could also check out folding or hybrid kayaks from nortik (like the nortik scubi 1 XL or 2 XL). They would also meet your requirements and folding kayaks perform better on the water and don’t offer that much of attack surface for the wind.

      Best regards

  4. Hello Christian,

    After seeing your response above, I started investigating the Nortik Scubi kayaks and have some questions for you. I paddle with my wife and our dog and we currently have an Advanced Elements Covertible Elite. We like the boat, but I don’t like how hard it is to get the water/sand out between the floor and the hull when we are using it for multiple days, or how long it takes to dry before packing up. It would also be nice to have a boat that handles slightly better and a longer boat would be more comfortable with our dog. How would the Scubi 2 XL or Scubi 3 compare to the Advanced Elements boat? It looks like you may have a similar comparison on your German site, but I haven’t been able to translate it. We are also considering the Seawave and Rush2, mainly because they are easier to dry. We will be living in a van for a year and will be packing the boat up frequently as we travel. Any suggestions that you have would be greatly appreciated. Your website has been a fantastic resource.

    1. Hello Andy,

      drying is definitely an issue with the Advanced Elements kayak. However, the performance on the water of the Convertible Elite is really good and better than the Gumotex Seawave and Rush. For your vanlife adventure I would go for a Seawave or Rush because they are easy to dry. The scubi 2 XL and scubi 3 have foam pads in the bottom, which also need to be dried when water gets in the boat.

      Best regards

  5. Hello Christian ,
    Great website and reviews you guys have ! 🙂
    I’m about to choose between the Itiwit x500 and the Gumotex Framura. I like normal and long distance kayaking.
    The goal is to use the kayak in the netherlands ( lakes, canals, sea shore ) and the ardennes / europe.
    Considering comfort , easy drying , speed and durability…which one is the better kayak for me ?
    Can you help me out please ?
    Best regards Rocco.

    1. Hi Rocco,

      in terms of speed you are better off with the Itiwit x500. However, thanks to its length the Gumotex Framura doesn’t perform bad regarding speed either. When if it comes to comfort the Framura is for most people the better choice. The inflatable seat is very comfortable, whereas the seat of the x500 is only comfortable when you are sitting straight in the boat. So, for some relaxing in the boat, the Framura wins. The Itiwit x500 is made more for sportive kayaking. For drying there is not a big difference between both kayaks. Gumotex has a good reputation for durability. It has a better material quality and workmanship if you compare both kayak. Some paddlers have already reported quality issues with the x500 but in those cases Decathlon is very accommodating. We didn’t have any issue with our x500 yet.

      Both kayaks are great options. If speed and performance on the water are most important to you, then the Itiwit x500 is probably the right choice for you. If comfort and durability is what matters most to you, then the Gumotex Framura is your kayak.

      Best regards

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