Frenzy Ocean Kayak Review

The Frenzy Sit-on-Top kayak from Ocean Kayak is an affordable recreational kayak. It’s a definitely quite a short kayak and most people may wonder how it tracks. We had the chance to paddle it on the ocean and share with you our experience and impressions of the Frency Ocean Kayak in this review. If you are looking for a two persons sit-on-top kayak, then you should consider the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two.

ocean frenzy kayak

Technical Specs

Max. paddlers:

270 cm | 9′
78.7 cm | 2’6”
147.4 kg | 325 lbs
Single layer polyethylene
20 kg | 44 lbs

First impressions of the Frenzy Ocean Kayak

The brand Ocean kayak stands for quality and affordable kayak. All their kayaks are made in the USA and well-made and finished. They are well designed and have beautiful look. The handles and the fittings for the seat as well as the boat itself make very robust impression. It’s for sure that you will enjoy your frenzy kayak for a very long time.

It’s a pretty short and a quite wide kayak and we first had our doubt if that we would loose quite much in terms of speed and performance on the water.

But  being short and wide is absolutely fine for recreational sit-on-top kayak because it ensures a very good stability on the water and it is much harder to flip with the boat. Most beginners start with a recreational kayak and under that aspect, stability is a key factor.

When handling the boat for the first time, I was quite impressed how light it was for a two person kayak. I was able to put in the water on my own. Thanks to its shortness, it’s possible to load and unload it easily from the car. This makes it also quite easy to store the kayak indoors.

ocean kayak frenzy

Review of the Frenzy Ocean Kayak on the water

The handles on the side of the boat are easy on the hands for transportation and to put the boat into the water.

Our first concerns about the speed and the performance on the water were completely gone once we got on the water. The kayak tracks really well for being so short, even when taking large and long strokes. It goes also fast with little effort if you want to. However, you should keep in mind that it can’t have the same speed as a long touring kayak.

The Frenzy is a very wide boat at 31’, which has a great stability on the water. We have never had the feeling that we could flip with the kayak. It remained really stable on the water even when we had some bigger waves. At the same time it’s very responsive thanks to the wideness.

It has stern and bow bungee storage areas, which are perfect for dry-bags or backpacks. I am a taller person and I still had enough space for my legs. I think even for larger persons the frenzy kayak could be a good choice.

ocean kayak frenzy experience

Final notes on the Frenzy Ocean Kayak

It’s one of the best hard-shell kayak for people who prioritize ease of transportation over performance on the water. However, the kayak tracks really well for being so short, even when taking large and long strokes. So, you don’t really loose too much of performance as you would might think at first. You can actually paddle it on any kind of water, ranging from lakes, rivers, bays to open water.

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