Sevylor Adventure
Plus Review

The Sevylor Adventure Plus is the big brother of the popular Sevylor Adventure and offers space for up to 3 people. We have reviewed this inflatable canoe and would like to share our impression with you. At the end we also give a recommendation for whom the boat is especially suitable.

Technical Specification

Nr of Persons: 1 – 3
Length: 145 in
Width: 34 in
Weight: 33.5 lbs
Pack Size: 24 x 16 x 9.5 in

Max. load: 440 lbs
Pressure: 0,06 bar (floor), 0,1 bar (sides)
Material: PVC
Manufacturer: Sevylor

Set-up and first impressions

The Sevylor Adventure Plus has a nylon cover that protects the inner tubes from damage. This is a good idea, because the nylon cover is definitely more robust than the PVC material. In addition, the nylon cover gives the boat the impression of a real canoe. The disadvantage of this nylon cover is that it is more susceptible to dirt, dries more slowly and makes the boat heavier.

The fin must be plugged in before set-up.

Don’t forget: Plug in the fin before inflating. This is to support the straight run of the boat. The fin is already included in the delivery.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus was quickly inflated with a double stroke pump.

The boat was in a thin fabric bag. This is mainly for storage and short transport.

A carrying bag is included in the delivery.

The inflatable boat makes a very valuable impression when unpacked. The air tubes are already inside the nylon cover. All in all, the assembly is quick and easy. The only requirement: The air tubes must be placed correctly.

The zippers allow access to the inner tubes.

There are two zippers in the nylon cover at the front of the interior. These allow access to the inner tubes in order to position them correctly before assembly or to replace them in the event of damage. The seats can also be removed from their nylon covers. This is handy if you want to wash the nylon cover of the seats.

All 3 air chambers are inflated via a Boston valve.

All three air chambers are equipped with Boston valves. The Boston valve is a 2-way screw valve, which allows a safely and quick in- and deflating. The handling of the valves was very simple as well.

The air pressure can be accurately measured with the supplied manometer.

The supplied manometer is particularly practical for determining the air pressure in air chambers. The side chambers may be inflated with 0.1 bar or 1.5 PSI and have a good stiffness due to the nylon cover. The bottom chamber, on the other hand, may only be inflated to 0.06 bar or 0.9 PSI and feels rather soft. It’s a pity that the chamber in the floor doesn’t have a higher air pressure to achieve a higher overall stiffness and better driving characteristics.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus is equipped with 3 inflatable seats.

The seats are also in a nylon cover and make a high-quality impression. These are equipped with two plug valves, one for the backrest and one for the seat cushion. However, the inflating of the seats is negative. The air escaped again and again, if you take away the pump or the mouth in order to close the valve. So, the seats are never really inflated and are therefore very soft. When the valve is closed, the air is held.

The seats are placed in the boat with Velcro fasteners and straps.

The seats can be attached to the floor with Velcro strips and the backrest with straps to the side chambers. This allows the position of the backrest to be varied. The position of the seats in the boat can only be changed very slightly. Here it would be good if the Velcro strips on the floor were slightly longer to position the seats according to the space required in the boat.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus can be easily and quickly converted into a 1, 2 or 3 canoe.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus is a very versatile inflatable kayak. It can be converted quickly as a 1, 2 or 3 canoe. As a 3er canoe the Adventure has an optimal weight distribution, but the paddler in the middle has no legroom, unless it is a child. As a 2er canoe the space for paddlers and luggage is good. The person in the back has a lot of legroom, the legroom for the person in the front man is unchanged. As a 1er canoe only the middle seat is used.

Tall people cannot stretch their legs in the Sevylor Adventure Plus.

Tall people can’t stretch their legs completely. Especially with shoes it is quite tight for the feet. It is more comfortable to paddle without shoes.

On the bow and stern there are carrying handles and a small luggage net.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus is equipped with small spray decks at the bow and stern. The carrying handles are practical, which makes carrying the boat much easier. There are also small luggage nets to attach a backpack, dry bag or other items (e.g. water bottle, pair of shoes, …).

The luggage nets are quite small. So only small luggage can be stowed.

The luggage nets are quite small compared to other inflatable kayaks. Only a small light rucksack or packsack finds place here. Nevertheless, sufficient for small paddle tours. The bungees can be tightened so that the luggage is secured.

The fastening rings look practical at first sight, but are too small to fasten packing bags.

There are fixing rings on the boat walls. Unfortunately, these are too small to fasten e.g. a dry bag. Otherwise it would have been a nice feature.

There is a lashing strap between the two side chambers to keep the boat in shape.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus has a strap with a clip fastener that holds the boat walls together. Using this feature, the boat is a little narrower and runs slightly easier through the water. If you leave the strap open, the interior is a bit wider and offers more space for paddlers and luggage.

Experience with the Sevylor Adventure Plus on the water

We have paddled the Adventure Plus with a paddle from Bravo, which can be used as a single- or double-blade paddle. If you paddle in pairs you use the paddle as a single-blade paddle. Paddling with a single-blade paddle had worked surprisingly well. The side chambers of the boat are not too high and wide, so you could easily make paddle strokes. The Adventure Plus has also made reasonable progress in terms of speed. The directional stability was also good, we only had to correct rarely. In terms of maneuverability we had expected a bit more. The boat is easy to navigate, but it doesn’t react so quickly to a change of direction. A longer paddle would help here. Nevertheless, we liked the driving characteristics altogether well.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus can be paddled well with two persons.

The single paddling was done with a double paddle. We recommend using a longer double paddle by Bravo (at least 90 inches). The directional stability during single paddling was not as good as paddling in pairs. Paddling with a paddle for two was more fun than paddling alone with a double paddle, because of the driving characteristics.

The Sevylor Adventure Plus can also be paddled alone with a double paddle.

The seats have proven to be a major weakness of the Sevylor Adventure Plus when paddling. The problem is that the seats don’t provide any support when paddling. The backrest is very low and bends away quickly. A backpack behind the rear seat can help for the person in the back.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Sevylor Adventure Plus

  • Boat can be used as 1-er, 2er or 3er canoe
  • Sturdy nylon cover protects the inner air tubes
  • Boat can be easily paddled in pairs
  • Appealing design
  • Side chambers have good stiffness due to increased air pressure and nylon cover
  • Nylon cover is susceptible to dirt and takes longer to dry off
  • Floor chamber has a lower air pressure
  • Seats don’t provide enough support when paddling
  • Little legroom for the persons in the middle and front
  • Soft floor chamber

Final notes on the Sevylor Adventure Plus

The Sevylor Adventure Plus is definitely not a bathing boat (like the Sevylor Riviera). Due to its nylon cover it is more robust than inflatable canoes or kayaks in the entry-level segment, which are only made of PVC. We liked the driving characteristics considering the price. The Sevylor Adventure Plus is the ideal boat for occasional paddlers who want to undertake short tours of several hours with breaks. The Sevylor Adventure Plus is not designed for ambitious paddlers, as the seats do not provide sufficient support when paddling, the floor chamber is too soft and if the nylon cover were damaged it would be very difficult to repair the boat.

Recommended kayaking equipment

When buying your inflatable make sure to get at least some paddles, a pump and lift jackets. In addition to that, a proper backpack for transport and a dry bag can be very useful as well.

Life Jacket

Life jackets should always be used when paddling, no matter how well you can swim and how nice the weather is. Large and flowing waters can be unpredictable, and your own clothing can make it difficult to swim if you capsize. A life jacket also gives you the buoyancy you need to get back to the surface quickly. It can also be very helpful to bring the capsized boat to shore. When buying a lifejacket, buoyancy should be chosen according to your body weight.

Canoe Paddle

Most inflatable boats come without a paddle and that’s definitely something you need. So make sure to get a quality paddle that is at least as good as your board because paddling a good inflatable with a poor paddle is no fun. A good paddle doesn’t have to be very expensive. Sevylor offers a paddle, which can be used as a double blade paddle or as two single blade paddles. The advantage of the paddle is that you can disconnect it in several pieces, which makes it very easy to transport.


An inflatable kayak needs to get some air and therefore you need a pump. Sevylor offers a foot pump, which is quite affordable and will definitely do the job. In addition to that, the pump is quite small, so that it won’t take too much space inside the boat when you are paddling.

Dry Bag

A dry bag should not be missing on any paddling trip. Dry bags are available in many different sizes. As a beginner and for smaller trips we recommend a small and compact bag. It offers enough space for valuables like your mobile phone and wallet and protects them from loss or damage. A small packsack does not take up too much space in the boat and can also be placed between your legs if necessary. Make sure that the dry bag  has a strap so that you can easily carry it around when leaving your kayak.


Many inflatable kayaks come without any backpack, but only with a light carry bag. This is perfeect for storage or to transport if on short distances. But if you want to take your inflatable kayak with you on public transport or carry it without any bid efforts, we strongly recommend a comfortable and large transport backpack. Normal hiking backpacks are not suitable for this because of their small opening. Sevylor offers an additional backpack designed for the transport of inflatable boats. A large opening makes it easy to put the boat inside the backpack. The outer pockets are the perfect place for the paddles.

Alternatives to the Sevylor Adventure Plus

Sevylor isn’t the only brand for inflatable kayak for beginners but there are also Intex and Itiwit, which offer also some good kayaks at the entry-level. The Excursion Pro is the best kayak from Intex in terms of quality and material. It doesn’t have a nylon cover and that makes the drying after the paddling tour much easier. 

Another popuplar brand for inflatable kayaks is Itiwit from the sport goods retailer Decathlon. They have kayaks with nylon covers as well and these are pretty cheaper if you compare it to what you get for this price. They also have kayaks without a nylon cover but with a thicker boat skin and drop-stitch floor. They are a bit more expensive but compared to other inflatables it’s still a very competing price.

Intex Excursion Pro

2 persons kayak

Itiwit Touring 3 Seater

3 persons kayak

Itiwit x100+

2 persons kayak

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  1. How would you compare the Sevylor adventure to the Intex explorer pro and Itiwit Touring 2 seater?

    1. Hello Megan,

      the Itiwit Touring and the Intex Explorer Pro have better seats, that’s for sure and that makes a big difference. That’s why personally I would personally choose rather a kayak you mentioned. The quality and workmanship seems to better of Itiwit Touring. It’s a pretty good kayak in regards of the price. If you don’t like the nylon cover because of the long drying time, then the Intex Explorer Pro is the better choice for you.

      Best regards

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