Itiwit x100+ Kayak

The Itiwit x100+ inflatable kayak is a further development of the popular Itiwit Touring kayak series from Decathlon. It is a 2-person inflatable kayak with drop-stitch floor, which can be paddled by two persons or single. Decathlon promotes the Itiwit x100+ as a kayak for occasional tours of 2-3 hours, which offers a good combination of performance and stability. We have paddled the Itiwit kayak and in this article we would like to tell you about our first impressions and experiences on the water.

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The Itiwit x100+ was provided to us by Decathlon, a French manufacturer and distributor of sports equipment and clothing. Itiwit is a brand for the paddle sport of Decathlon. Our review is independent of the manufacturer or shop and reflects our own opinion of the boat.

Technical specification

No. of persons:
Pack size:

365 cm
103 cm
16 kg
67 x 40 cm

Max. Load:


150 kg
0,2 bar (sides)
0,35 bar (floor)
PVC Tarpaulin, Polyester

What is Drop-Stitch?

With the Drop-Stitch technology, the upper and lower inner wall of the air chamber are additionally interwoven with nylon threads. This is the only way to achieve a significantly higher air pressure than with air chambers without the interwoven nylon threads. Thanks to this technology, the air chamber achieves a high level of dimensional stability and rigidity. The Drop-Stitch technology is very common for SUP boards (Stand Paddling Boards) and is used more and more for inflatable kayaks. Drop-Stitch has been used for years by American manufacturers of inflatable boats (e.g. Advanced Elements or Sea Eagle).

First impressions and setup

The Itiwit x100+ comes in a well-sized backpack that is comfortable to carry. A very useful feature of the backpack are the outside pockets where you can stow your paddle. The front of the backpack can be opened almost completely with the zipper. This way you can easily take out the boat and pack it back in without any big efforts. For the total price of the boat we think it is great that a backpack and not just a carry bag. The backpack is functional and has a good quality.

itiwit x100 backpack
The paddles can be put in the outside pockets of the backpack.
The complete kayak is in the backpack.
itiwit x100 unboxing
Unfolding the kayak.

The Itiwit x100+ has two separate side chambers and a removable drop-stitch floor. Before inserting the floor we inflated it slightly and then put it into the boat. The floor is attached at the bow and stern with a strap click fastener, so that it remains well in its right position without moving around. 

The floor is inflated to 0.35 bar, which was an easy job with the Decathlon air pump. The side chambers are then inflated to 0.2 bar. For a beginner kayak in this price range, such operating pressures are hard to find. For example, Sevylor inflatable kayaks are in a similar price range but they only have an air pressure of 0.1 bar. The higher the air pressure of the air chambers, the stiffer the kayak and better the performance on the water.

itiwit x100 assembly
The kayak unfolded. In the middle is the folded Drop-Stitch bottom.
kayak itiwit x100 setup
First the floor is inflated and then the side chambers.

The kayak has reasonable valves that can be closed or opened by a spring (same mechanism as on Innova and Grabner inflatable boats). The handling is very simple. The backpack even contains a valve key so that it can be removed and cleaned or retightened if necessary.

The boat has three air chambers and therefore three valves.
drop stitch valve
The spring valves can be opened and closed easily

It takes less than 5 minutes to inflate the air chambers. After inflation, three small skegs are attached to the bottom of the boat. A skeg is very typical for inflatable kayaks to improve straight-line stability. We have not yet paddled an inflatable kayak with three skegs. It is very likely that the Itiwit x100+ has more skegs than other models, as it has a remarkably wide and flat hull, which would otherwise be very turn-happy when paddling.

decathlon itiwit kayak quality
The Itiwit x100+ has a very wide and flat hull.
The skegs are attached to the bottom of the kayak.

Depending on whether you want to configure your kayak for 1 person or 2 persons, you position the seat. The seats have a high inflatable seat cushion. This allows a raised seating position so that the wide side tubes are not in the way when paddling. You can also inflate the seat a little softer or harder, depending on your preference, to find the comfortable seat firmness for you. The seat is attached to the bottom of the boat by the Velcro strip, which prevents it from slipping while paddling. The Velcro strips on the bottom are sufficiently long for the front and rear seats, so that you can vary the position of the seats.

The robust backrest is attached to the side chambers with a belt on both sides. The position of the backrest is also adjustable. All in all, we really like the seats. They look comfortable, have a good workmanship and promise a good grip when paddling. We are curious to see how they feel once we are on the water.

The seats are fixed at several places in the boat.
itiwit drop stitch kayak seats
The seat can be variably positioned and adjusted.

The outer skin of the kayak makes a robust impression. It consists of a polyester fabric coated with PVC Tarpaulin. Due to this robust outer skin, no textile cover is necessary to protect the tubes, as with the Itiwit Touring or Sevylor Adventure. The boat dries more quickly after use (significantly less risk of mould growth) and is easier to repair in the event of a defect. The permanently integrated side tubes are also equipped with a pressure relief valve, so that it is impossible to damage the boat due to excessive inflation or heat exposure.The drop-stitch floor, seats and other parts of the boat can be re-ordered and replaced in case of a defect.

The drop-stitch floor has a recess on each side where drain valves are located. For example, if you are paddling on the beach in the summer and a wave does come into the boat, the water will run off when the valves are open. This way no water will accumulate in the boat.

itiwit inflatable kayak material
Inserted drop-stitch floor with recesses for the drain valves.

The Itiwit x100+ also offers important features of a good kayak. At the top of the bow and stern there is a carrying handle to carry the boat to the water. What we really like are the side carrying handles. If you are paddling the kayak on your own, you can easily put it in the water yourself.

decathlon kayak x100 handle
There are carrying handles on the side tubes.
There are also carrying handles at the bow and stern.

At the bow and stern there are small spraycovers which provide additional protection against spray water. Furthermore, the kayak offers possibilities to fix luggage or to store small items. On the stern there is a large luggage net where you can put a large backpack or dry bag. At the front of the stern and at the back of the backrests there are small net pockets for small items, which are easily accessible when paddling. Such features seem less important at first sight, but in practice such details prove to be very useful and you don’t want to miss them.

itiwit x100 kayak luggage
The rear luggage net allows a backpack or dry bag to be securely fastened.
itiwit x100 accessoires
At the front of the spraydeck there is a small mesh pocket for utensils.

Review of the Itiwit X100+ on the water

The Itiwit kayak has a very high stability due to the wide and flat hull. You can get into the kayak without any worries. Due to the drop-stitch construction it feels very stable when you get in. We have paddled the kayak as a single and two persons configuration.

itiwit 2 person inflatable kayak
Itiwit x100+ as 2-persons kayak.
itiwit x100 1 person kayak
Itiwit x100+ as a 1-person kayak.

The Itiwit X100+ as a 1-person kayak

If you place the seat in the middle of the boat, you can use it as a solo kayak. The carrying handle on the side tube makes it very easy to carry the boat to the water.

itiwit x100 weight
The kayak can also be carried alone very easily to the water.

During paddling, the kayak lies extremely stable on the water. Jerky movements, adjusting the seat on the water, even standing up can in no way cause the boat to capsize. We have never paddled such a stable kayak before.

itiwit x100 review
The performance and speed as a 1 person kayak are rather moderate.

In favour of stability the kayak loses performance on the water. The straight-line stability is only moderate with the three skegs. The kayak also glides only slightly through the water when you stop paddling. Due to the wide side tubes we found a 220 cm long double-bladed paddle a bit too short. It is possible to paddle with it, but a paddle at least 230 cm or 240 cm long would be more comfortable, so that it is easier to get into the water with the paddle blades.

paddling review itiwit x100
The kayak is very stable on the water.
Despite the three skegss, the kayak has good manoeuvrability. However, a complete turn (i.e. 180°) is only possible with many paddle strokes.

The Itiwit X100+ as a 2-person kayak

When paddling as 2-person kayak, the stability is also very good. The performance on the water is noticeably better with a two persons, as the kayak lies more in the water and thus forms a longer waterline. So the speed and the straight-line stability are better. 

You can reach a speed of between 2,5 and 3,1 mph when paddling comfortably. Compared to other kayaks, the straight-line stability is not really good, but still okay. Here you should not forget that the kayak with a length of 365 cm and a width of 103 cm is not designed for fast but rather for calm and stable paddling tours.

As a 2-person kayak the performance on the water is noticeably better due to the larger waterline.

What surprised us is the space available. For a 2-person kayak the Itiwit x100+ is not very long. Nevertheless, as large persons we had enough space inside and enough legroom.  The seating position is really good in a kayak. This is normally something you don’t get in this price range. The seats give a good hold and enough comfort for a nice paddling tour. Due to the integrated drain valves and the raised seat position you will never really sit in the wet.

itiwit x100 space
The interior of the Itiwit x100+ is very spacious and invites you to relax. Here, the rear person sat cross-legged and there was enough room in the front to lie down.

Dismantling the Itiwit x100+

The dismantling of the kayak was quick and easy. All you have to do is open the three valves. Most of the air escapes by itself. The remaining air can either be pressed or pumped out. We normally pump out the remaining air. If you use the Itiwit air pump to pump out the remaining air, you have to disconnect the pressure gauge.

Remove the drop-stitch floor and fold it back up as originally. Then fold the kayak once lengthwise and place the folded drop-stitch floor on top. Finally fold them together to a packable size. The folded kayak fits back into the supplied backpack right away thanks to the large opening. Squeezing is not necessary here. There is even room for the air pump on the side of the backpack. Before closing the backpack, you still put the two seats and three skegs in.

According to the user’s manual, the double paddle is stored in the outer side pockets next to the boat, seats and air pump. This did not work with us, because the backpack was already too tightly filled.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Itiwit X100+

The greatest strength of the Itiwit x100+ is its extremely high tilt stability.

+ good stiffness + very tilt resistant + many nice features (e.g. side handles, pockets on the back of the seats, ...) + comfortable and a lot of space in the interior + robust boat skin and good workmanship + high air pressure for a beginner inflatable kayak + solid backpack + spare parts can be re-ordered

- low load limit - wide and flat hull and therefore slower - moderate straight-line stability

Final notes on the Itiwit X100+

Decathlon offers with the Itiwit x100+ a very functional and solid kayak. It is not a cheap inflatable kayak. The price is justified in our opinion. We think the price-performance ratio is very good. It was our first Itiwit inflatable kayak we reviewed and we have to say that Decathlon has launched a good recreational kayak for beginners. It is perfect for paddling on a lake and enjoying the peace and quiet on the water. The boat looks very well thought out. The Itiwit x100+ is unrivalled in this price range.

The Itiwit x100+ is also a great fit for a small river tour.

Due to its high stability against tipping, the kayak is mainly aimed at beginners in paddling who would otherwise be afraid of capsizing. The inflatable kayak is also a clear recommendation for adults with children. Decathlon has also launched a 3-persons drop-stich kayak, which is aimed at small families. The Itiwit is a good kayak for small explorations on calm rivers and small lakes. If you want to do a day trip and paddle a long distance (over 20 km), you will have less fun with the kayak. Decathlon advertises a good combination of performance and stability. Stability clearly outweighs performance when you interpret performance as the speed of a kayak. The kayak makes a solid impression in terms of workmanship and robustness.

Alternatives to the Itiwit X100+

Itiwit 2 Seater Touring

The Itiwit 2-persons kayak is the cheaper alternative to the x100+ from Decathlon. It is 2kg lighter and 20 cm shorter. However, compared to the Itiwit x100+ it has a lower air pressure and a textile cover as well as it doesn’t have a drop-stich floor. A disadvantage of the textile cover is the longer drying time after use. 

Innova Twist 2/1

The Innova Twist is a beginner kayak for 1 – 2 persons. It is characterized by a good workmanship and very robust materials. The kayak is 20 cm narrower and therefore has a better performance on the water. Furthermore the Twist has a higher load weight (180 kg).  The kayak is stable on the water, but not so stable that you can stand in the boat.

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